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What is Pasona Tech?What is Xtreme Techy?

  • Xtreme Techy, America leading technological media channel, focuses on displaying and assisting businesses and businesspeople. It also reports on the most recent technological advancements and analyses newly developed equipment and technology. Xtreme Techy gained notoriety among Pakistani and foreign techies, geeks, businesspeople, start-up entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists as soon as it was founded in 2021. The Xtreme Techy family presently has more than 2,000 direct visitors across multiple social media platforms, and has access to a network of millions of users on Twitter, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.

Our mission at Xtreme Techy is to provide you with news on American startups, companies, and technology. Westerners are the primary target market for the vast majority of other websites that are launched in Pakistan. We value each and every reader from the USA. Please feel free to contact us if you ever want to have a friendly conversation with one of our writers. We’ll never be too busy to hear your thoughts on how we’re doing or how you feel about us.

At the end of the day, each member of this team is a person. We occasionally commit “Human Errors” as a result. We genuinely hope that you won’t saturate our comment section with harsh words when this occurs. Send us an email with your issues instead, and we’ll try to respond as quickly as we can.

Once the machines have risen, you will be able to browse the internet without encountering any problems. Till then, kindly continue to be patient with us!