American-style makizushi

The futomaki-inspired strudel, which is more popular in the US, is available in a number of regionally called variants. Diced scallops, spicy tuna, teriyaki beef or chicken, okra, and a range of vegetables like cucumber and avocado may all be included in other rolls. Another choice is tempura maki, which is battered and fried in the form of tempura when it contains shrimp tempura. Crawfish rolls are a common offering at southern American sushi joints. Japanese cuisine frequently incorporates black or brown rice, also referred to as forbidden rice, into rolls.
FDA regulations state that raw fish delivered in the US must be frozen before consumption to get rid of parasites. [52]
Customers frequently specify the precise ingredients they want in a roll because they are frequently produced to order (for example, salmon roll, cucumber roll, avocado roll, tuna roll, shrimp or tuna tempura roll, etc.). Although menu items frequently differ from one restaurant to another, some examples include: