Canada Sushi

In Canada, trendy fashions are likewise popular in the United States. Doshi, a combination of the words “sushi” and “donut,” is a deep-fried crab or crab fish cake with sushi toppings and donut-shaped rice balls on top. Similar to maki sushi, but with cheese curds and gravy on top, along with sweet potato tempura, duck, and extra cheese curds, is maki poutine. sushi cakes are served on top of sushi rice and are covered with spicy mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, balsamic vinegar, sliced capers, and garlic on top of a base of crab meat, avocado, shiitake mushrooms, salmon, spicy tuna, and tobiko. Sushi pizza is made by topping fried rice, crabmeat, or crab stick cakes with mayonnaise and various sushi toppings.