Chirashizushi, also known as Barazushi, is a type of sushi served in a bowl and served with a variety of raw fish and vegetable garnishes. It’s called “messy sushi” in Japanese. It is popular because it is fast, easy and informative. [22] It is eaten each year during Kodomonohi in May and Hinamatsuri in March.
Edo-style chirashi or Edomae chirashi presents raw materials in creative configurations.
The body of rice in Gomokuzushi (sushi made in the Kansai style) is mixed with cooked or uncooked ingredients.
Sake sushi (Kyushu-style sushi) is made with steamed rice, topped with shrimp, sea bream, octopus, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and a chopped fried egg, and in sake instead of vinegar.