What is a cookie?
A cookie is a mechanism that saves the usage history and input content sent and received between the browser and the server when using a web page as a file on the computer of everyone who uses our service. If you allow the sending and receiving of cookies in your browser settings, the website can obtain cookies from your browser. To protect your privacy, your browser only sends cookies sent and received by the website’s server.

・About cookie settings
Everyone who uses our services can set their settings for sending and receiving cookies, such as “Allow all cookies”, “Refuse all cookies”, “Notify users when cookies are received”, etc. You can choose from The setting method that differs depending on the browser. For information on how to set cookies, please check the “Help” menu of your browser. Please note that if you select the setting to reject all cookies, you may be restricted in using various services on the Internet, such as being unable to receive services that require authentication.

  • Acquisition and use of

cookies We use cookies for the following purposes.
A. To improve the convenience of the services we provide
B. To display the most appropriate advertisements on other companies’ sites based on the content that the person is interested in and the usage status of this site

Cookies and links
, which are a mechanism for grasping the usage status of the Internet, and recording the usage status, but they are used only to improve the services we provide to everyone. increase.

Fees for requests for disclosure, etc., and how to collect them
Notification of the purpose of use of retained personal data and disclosure of retained personal data shall be charged free of charge.
・Method of responding to requests for disclosure, etc.
We will respond in writing to the address on the applicant’s application form.