Fuel and propulsion technologies

alternative fuel vehicles

Electric car Nissan Leaf, 2011

Lower power and engines can improve safety [43]
The transportation industry has a huge impact on climate change, noise pollution, and air pollution. [44]

In the early 2020s, most cars on the road burn gasoline in an internal combustion engine (ICE). According to the International Organization of Automobile Manufacturers, gasoline-powered cars built to late-2010s standards such as Euro 6 contribute little or nothing to local air pollution in countries that require low-sulfur gasoline. [45][46] Older gasoline vehicles are banned in some places and are sold in some countries. Some environmental groups argue that the phasing out of fossil fuel vehicles needs to start early to prevent further global warming. The number of gasoline-powered cars peaked in 2017. [47][48]

Other fossil fuels made from hydrocarbons