Hayashi (“instant sushi”) is the third type of sushi that emerged during the Edo period (1603-1867). Early sushi is different from the previous sushi. It is a fermented food. Vinegar is added to the rice, which has a slightly sour taste. Therefore, it can be eaten with fish instead of lactic acid bacteria fermented rice. Before the discovery of early sushi simply mixed with vinegar, the fermentation process was abandoned and sushi development focused on shortening the fermentation time. Various types of sushi that are popular today, such as chirashi sushi, inari sushi, rolled sushi, nigiri sushi, etc., were developed during this period. . For generations, each place has produced a different type of sushi using local flavors. Hayazushi is described in a 1689 cookbook, while hakozushi (“hakozushi”), square sushi made in a wooden box filled with rice, is described as “vinegar” in a 1728 cookbook. [7]
So, according to the proverb, it takes 10 years or more to become a skilled and autonomous sushi chef. Once upon a time, “experts” or “experts” were forced to eat eggs.

Eggs are easy to make but require special skills so your guests can appreciate your culinary skills. However, most sushi restaurants now buy sushi ready made. So “” (“Tongzhen”) complained about the status quo.