Hosomaki is a small cylinder of sushi wrapped in seaweed (“hosomaki”) on the outside. A standard thin roll is approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch) in diameter. Tuna, cucumber, kebabs, nuts, pickled plum sauce, and basil squid are commonly used [29] . There is usually only one filling.
A special thin roll called kappa roll () contains cucumber. The name comes from the legendary Japanese water dwarf kappa who loved cucumbers. Kappa rolls are traditionally eaten before eating raw fish or other foods to bring out the fishy flavor from other foods.
It is a thin roll called tekka-maki, and contains raw tuna as an filling. As with the beginning of the sandwich, the word “tekka” means “red-hot iron” and is thought to refer to the color of salmon or tuna meat. However, it originated from a snack called “tekkaba” that was originally eaten at casinos[33][34].
Thin rolls called negitoro-maki are stuffed with green onions and chopped negitoro (a.k.a. tuna). Taurus is often used in this style.
Tuna mayonnaise () is a thin roll of canned tuna mixed with mayonnaise.