Cylindrical pieces made from mats called makisu () are called makizushi (“makizushi”), seaweed rolls (“norimaki”, often used for other foods), or rolls (“various rolls”). Maki-maki, which is usually wrapped in seaweed, can also be wrapped in thin egg, soybean paper, cucumber, perilla leaves, etc.
Sushi rolls usually come in 6 or 8 pieces. Short-grain brown rice has become more popular among health-conscious people, but short-grain white rice is still the most popular choice. Rice rolls sometimes contain sweet rice.
Today, various types of rice are used for sushi rolls, including black rice, mixed rice, and millet. In addition to the usual ingredients above, there are also versions that include cheese, spicy cooked squid, grilled beef, kamaboko, luncheon meat, sausage, bacon or spicy tuna. You can also use sesame oil or sesame seeds to decorate seaweed. Kirizushi can also be coated in egg and lightly fried.