Mexico and the Western United States Sushi

Mexican sushi
Since 2013, Western Americans have had access to sushi from the Mexican state of Sinaloa.
The Mexican, American, and Japanese fusion cuisine known as Sinaloa Sushi is popular throughout the West Coast and Southwest of the United States. Instead of using mustard, Sinaloa spices like chipotle, chiltepin, and jalapeo add heat.
The dish most likely originated in Culiacan, Sinaloa in the early 2000s[2] and over the following ten years, it spread to Los Angeles. First American and Mexican restaurants debuted in Los Angeles and Orange County, respectively, in 2015. County in 2013. [4] Phoenix, Arizona, saw the opening of at least six Mexican eateries in 2016. One in Houston, Texas, and one close to Denver both debuted in 2017 [7]. One began operations in Kent, Washington in 2017[2][8], the other in Tacoma, Washington in 2021, and both were expected in Toronto, Canada, by 2022.