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Tristan Harris is a Silicon Valley dreamer who dropped out of Stanford University’s master’s program and started a software company. Four years later, Google bought the company and hired Tristan as a product manager. His story is not unique. In fact, Harris has been the subject of multiple articles, including one about Facebook’s discretionary equity program.

Yung’s handbook for scaling engineering teams

Katerina Rossinger is the CEO of Adeva, an exclusive developer network that partners with companies to scale their engineering teams. She is an advocate for remote work and says that the future of work is about collaborating with colleagues around the world. She has written a handbook for scaling engineering teams and hiring software engineers.

When scaling engineering teams, it’s important to ensure that new hires have a smooth and efficient onboarding process. A well-designed onboarding process can help new engineers contribute to the team faster. It’s also important to communicate clear expectations to new hires, including new work hours and weekly meetings. It’s essential to provide them with a mentor early on. This will give new team members a sense of ownership in their work.

Scaling an engineering team is a challenging process that requires careful planning and a strategy. Engineers must balance the recruitment of external engineers with internal promotions. While it’s important to promote experienced internal engineers, it’s also important to keep the best engineers in the company. These engineers understand the company’s structure and know the ins-and-outs of the company.

Tristan Harris’ interview with Yung

Tristan Harris is a former Google product manager and founder of the non-profit Time Well Spent, a movement to make technology less harmful to our time and attention. His mission is to increase consumer awareness about the attention economy and pressure the tech world to design products ethically. He gets hundreds of speaking requests a month and is a frequent guest on podcasts.

Yung’s experience as an engineer

At Facebook, Yung was an engineer who specialized in posting permissions. However, he quickly learned that being a lynchpin can be a drawback. To overcome this challenge, he doesn’t believe in managing himself out of a job, but instead focuses on making himself less critical.

While most career advice focuses on the importance of quick advancement, Yung emphasizes the importance of long-term career growth. Despite popular perception, engineers should take time to develop and mature. This book will help them navigate career roadblocks that might prevent them from reaching their professional goals.

Facebook’s discretionary equity program

As one of the most successful tech companies in the world, Facebook is known to reward its employees with top salaries. Its salary bands are based on the total of base pay, bonus and stock options. Facebook also offers an excellent benefits package, with a 4.7/5 Glassdoor review.

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