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Should Engineers Aim for Management? Reasons and merits for managerial positions, differences from professional positions

In today’s digitalized society, engineers are indispensable. There are always many jobs for engineers, and you can choose a job if you have technical skills. However, since the required roles change at a certain age, many people worry about their career plans as to whether they should proceed to a managerial or professional position. Here, we will […]

Information Technology

What are the characteristics of people who are suitable for engineers? Do you have any tricks for people who are unfit to play an active role?

Engineers, whose demand is increasing year by year, are attracting attention as a promising career. Many people aim to become engineers, but some of them have concerns such as, “Am I suited to be an engineer?” Many people are. Here, we will introduce people who are suitable for engineers and measures for those who are not […]


How can engineers be more productive? Explanation of evaluation indicators and methods

Japan’s labor productivity is low among OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) member countries, and the government’s work style reforms are required to improve labor productivity. With unprecedented labor shortages due to population decline accompanying super-aging and accelerating globalization, there is an urgent need to improve labor productivity per worker. Under such circumstances, increasing the […]