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What are the characteristics of people who are suitable for engineers? Do you have any tricks for people who are unfit to play an active role?

Engineers, whose demand is increasing year by year, are attracting attention as a promising career. Many people aim to become engineers, but some of them have concerns such as, “Am I suited to be an engineer?” Many people are.

Here, we will introduce people who are suitable for engineers and measures for those who are not suitable.

What are the characteristics of people who are suitable for engineers?

There are 8 main characteristics of people who are suitable for engineers, and if any one of them applies, it is considered to be apt.

1. I like IT technology

IT technology and IT equipment are like business tools for engineers. Therefore, it is a major prerequisite that you like IT technology and programming. Also, when hiring inexperienced people, there is a tendency to judge that “people who like IT technology have more room to grow”, so it can be said that it is important to have an attitude of enjoying handling everything.

2. Strong curiosity about new technologies

As IT technology evolves day by day, new technologies are born at a remarkable speed. Therefore, in the world of engineers, it is ideal to be able to collect and exchange information while being excited about new technologies. Engineers are suitable for engineers who want to “try” or “use” new technologies and languages, and who don’t mind learning from scratch.

3. I like steady work that requires concentration

“Engineers are multitasking.”

Some people may have such an image, but an engineer’s job is a lot of steady work. Even if the project itself is big, the existence of engineers will be behind the scenes. Basically, it’s a repetition of writing code -> executing -> an error occurs -> fixing it.

4. I like efficiency and thinking about the best way

It can be said that engineers are suitable for people who think that they can be more efficient in their daily work and private life. Engineers who have fixed deadlines and budgets through QCD are always required to be efficient, so they are not suitable for people who want to work without thinking. In addition, if you can propose a proposal that you have come up, it will lead to an increase in customer satisfaction.

5. Good communication skills


Engineers have an image of working silently, but in reality, communication occurs with colleagues, engineers of cooperating companies, and customers. Therefore, people with high communication skills are also suitable for engineers. In particular, in the case of senior positions such as system engineers (SE) and project managers (PM), there will be more client support, so it is necessary to have the ability to correctly understand client requests and convey system specifications in an easy-to-understand and accurate manner. is.

6. You can repeat trial and error

As mentioned above, work such as system development, introduction work, and troubleshooting is a repetition of trial and error. The same work will be repeated until the error is resolved, so many people give up on the way.

Engineers are suitable for those who can challenge and strive for the best results without being intimidated by errors.

7. Flexible

Engineering is also a job that is prone to sudden troubles. In addition, in the event of trouble, it is necessary to have the flexibility to choose a response that suits the current situation, rather than sticking to the initial policy to the end. By changing direction early, you can minimize the loss of the entire project, so people who can solve problems without being bound by one idea or rule are suitable.

8. Confidence in health management and physical strength

Being physically fit is very important. Especially during the busy season of system development, physical strength is a game. Staying on schedule requires self-management of your health.

Also, if you are busy with hard work, stress will easily accumulate, so it is ideal to be able to take a break and maintain your mental and motivation.

It’s okay if you feel that you might not be suited to be an engineer! How to get closer to the ideal engineer

Looking at the characteristics so far, some people may feel that they are not suitable for engineers. However, even those who are not suitable for engineers can approach the ideal engineer by making a little effort.

Subscribe to IT technology information

To get closer to your ideal engineer, we recommend subscribing to e-mail magazines related to your industry and following your SNS accounts. This is because as you read information about IT technology, you will become motivated to study IT keywords. In addition, since the latest information is also delivered through e-mail magazines and SNS, you can collect information more efficiently than reading one book for a long time.

start studying for the exam

It is also effective to study for qualification exams related to your job. Since the scope of studying for exams is limited, the knowledge and skills to be learned become clear and you can study efficiently.

Also, if you increase your knowledge, you will be more interested in the work you are doing now, and passing the exam will motivate you to reach your next goal. Depending on the company, it is possible to obtain a certification allowance.

Participate in a workshop for engineers

Study sessions for engineers are a place to increase both knowledge and personal connections. Listening to other engineers who are participating in the study session often clarifies “what kind of efforts should be made?”, which also increases motivation.

In recent years, various study sessions have been held, but the “Mokumokukai” is recommended because it is easy to participate even for the first time. Mokumokukai is a programming study group, and each time it is held, people with the same theme, language and purpose gather together. It is a free study, but it is popular as a study group with a high degree of freedom because you can sometimes have a chat.

Proactive communication with excellent seniors

Actively communicate with excellent seniors and ask them about their attitudes toward work and learning methods. It can change the way you think about work. Also, by talking to your boss about your desire to become a better engineer and showing your motivation, you are more likely to gain new experiences.

Setting small goals and accumulating successful experiences

As an engineer, if you don’t know what you want to be, I recommend setting small goals every week and repeating small successes. For example, read 20 pages of text in a week, participate in a cloud meeting on weekends, remember to read the e-magazine, or whatever your goal may be.

The goal is to give you a sense of accomplishment, so start by setting simple goals that you can achieve.



It is easy to see whether an engineer is suitable or unsuitable, and the main characteristics of suitable people are as follows.

・I like IT technology

– Strong curiosity about new technologies

・I like steady work that requires concentration

・ I like to think about efficiency and the best way

・High communication skills

・Repeated trial and error


・ Confidence in health management and physical fitness

Even those who see this and think, “Maybe I’m unsuited to be an engineer?”, will have a good chance of getting closer to becoming an engineer if they increase their knowledge and experience through future efforts.

If you have a strong desire to work as an engineer in the future, research the job types of engineers and accumulate the efforts you can make. Pasona Tech also actively accepts consultations regarding careers.

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