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Explanation of 7 occupations suitable for remote work and telework and their characteristics

In recent years, remote work and telework have been in the spotlight due to work style reforms. We are facing a major paradigm shift from the time when it was normal to go to work and work at the workplace, to the time when people work in various places via networks.

However, there are some problems in making any profession a remote work or telework first. This is because remote work and telework also have compatibility with work, just as people have their suitability and unsuitability.

Here, we will explain in detail the differences between remote work and telework, seven suitable occupations, and their characteristics.

Characteristics of occupations suitable for remote work and telework

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In the first place, many people may not know the details of remote work or telework, as they are aware that they are working from home. Here, we will explain what remote work and telework are like, and explain the conditions that are specifically required.

What is the definition of remote work in the first place?

Remote work is working from a location other than the office while connected through a network. Therefore, in addition to working from home, this includes working at cafes, coworking spaces, and satellite offices.

Remote work includes “telecommuting” where you work mainly at home, “facility-based work” where you work in a coworking space or satellite office, and “mobile work” where you work while traveling or at a cafe using mobile devices. There are three types of Known as nomad worker, and generally has a strong image of remote work, which refers to mobile work, which is a type of remote work.

Difference between remote work and telework

Telework is a word similar to remote work. Remote work and telework are both terms used to mean working outside the office.

There is no strict definition of remote work and telework, but remote work is often used when talking about distance and location, such as “working remotely”. Telework may also refer to remote work, but it often includes concepts such as “flexible working hours”.

In other words, it can be said that words such as remote work, homework, and mobile work are included in the large classification of telework. However, in reality, there are not many people who strictly distinguish between remote work and telework.

What types of jobs are compatible with remote work and telework?

So, what kinds of jobs are compatible with remote work, where you can work anywhere like this? From here, we will check the characteristics of a compatible business.

Feature 1: Work that can be done without being there

The first major premise for work that is compatible with remote work and telework is that there are no restrictions on location. It can be said that jobs that are difficult to work without being physically there, such as infrastructure engineers, hardware development, and store sales, are not compatible with remote work or telework.

In addition to the physical restrictions, there are also restrictions in terms of security. For example, when dealing with highly confidential documents and personal information, taking it out of the office is a high risk, so even for clerical jobs that are generally considered to be suitable for remote work and telework, Depending on the nature of your work, remote work may not be suitable.

Also, even software development engineers who are said to be suitable for remote work and telework may not be able to do remote work or telework when they are in charge of financial systems because high security is required.

Feature 2: Work with clear results

In the case of remote work or telework, it becomes difficult to see the non-results such as work attitude. Therefore, it is difficult to evaluate employees when the work performance is clear and the evaluation system is not clear.

Therefore, the more clearly you can see the results of your work and the more you can evaluate it, the more compatible it is with remote work and telework.

In addition to accounting and sales where the amount of work processed is easy to understand, some office workers, programmers, system engineers, etc., it is also suitable for creators such as writers and designers who are often judged by the quality of their deliverables.

Feature 3: Jobs that are difficult to hire

Consultants, lecturers in specialized fields, people with difficult national qualifications, advisors, engineers with rare skills, etc. may be compatible with remote work and telework. This is not only because the work can be done remotely, but also because it is difficult to hire jobs that require a high level of expertise and individuality.

Since the absolute number of human resources for these operations is small, it is difficult to match the location, working conditions, and human resources. Therefore, by introducing remote work and telework, it is possible to recruit excellent human resources who are far away, and as a result, it is possible to increase recruitment power. From the perspective of a company, it can be said that whether remote work or telework can be introduced is not simply determined by the content of the work.

What types of jobs are suitable for remote work and telework?

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From here, we will introduce 7 types of jobs that are specifically suitable for remote work. Other occupations are suitable for remote work other than the occupations introduced this time, but here we have mainly summarized occupations that have already had a certain track record and occupations that are in high demand.

System Engineer

In the ultra-upstream process, there are many interactions with client companies, so it may be necessary to go to work to negotiate with customers, but depending on the process, it is not difficult to work remotely. This is a profession that is currently actively working remotely.

In most cases, there is no need to go to work and do everything from the stage of programming according to the specifications to the testing process. Therefore, it can be said that it is one of the occupations suitable for remote work.

However, at the time of creating specifications, meetings with clients are required, and teleworking without time constraints may be difficult. Even in this case, as the project progresses and programming is done according to the specifications, teleworking will become possible.


The field of design is wide-ranging, but there are many projects in crowdsourcing, etc., and there are many remote work achievements. Since the evaluation is judged by the submission of deliverables, clear evaluation criteria are also suitable for remote work.

However, if many things need to be heard from the client, it may be difficult to telework because it is necessary to set up a meeting time. Even in this case, when it comes to the design stage after the hearing, teleworking is possible because working hours can be flexibly adjusted.

The design has a strong element of individuality such as sensors, and it is also a job that is more efficient if you concentrate and work in a mentally good environment, so it is compatible with remote work and telework where you can arrange the work environment yourself. can be said to be a very high occupation.


Sales positions are one of the occupations where remote work is progressing from a relatively early stage to office workers. Even without being particularly conscious of remote work, it is possible to work directly at the customer’s site, creating presentation materials, exchanging data, emailing, and chatting with customers while traveling or at a nearby cafe. There are many sales positions.

Since the method of evaluation differs between new sales and the front office of existing customers, it is necessary to firmly define evaluation criteria. It can be said.

Some companies have already moved to remote work without setting up sales offices in rural areas, and it can be said that remote work will further progress in the future.

But sales is a client-oriented business. Therefore, even if remote work becomes more popular, it will continue to be difficult to understand telework, which is not tied to time, unless awareness of telework reaches society as a whole.

Writer, Proofreader, Proofreader

Along with designers, this is a job that goes well with remote work, and there are a lot of projects such as crowdsourcing. The number of articles written by the deadline and the level of the text is easy to understand, so it can be said that it is easy to evaluate, which is a point that is compatible with remote work. The work content is clear and task management is easy, so it is a job that is suitable for telework.

Also, compared to other occupations, the hurdles to set up the environment required for remote work and telework are low, as long as you have a computer, a network connection, and Office software installed. The fact that it doesn’t matter is also suitable for people who want to work remotely or telework. Many writers and editors live and work overseas, and many of them have never met their client companies in person.

In addition, since proofreading and proofreading are jobs with a small population, it is also compatible with the fact that remote work and telework can increase employment opportunities.

Customer support

Remote work is fully possible by preparing a communication environment and a personal computer, and it is a job that is compatible with remote work. In fact, in the form of “nearshore” and “offshore”, customer support centers are located in Okinawa and Hokkaido, where the rental market is cheap in Japan, and overseas, such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan, where labor costs are cheap and the foundation for Japanese language education is established. Some companies are already working remotely, and a form similar to remote work is already in practice.

In addition, a world-famous major Internet shopping company is hiring customer support with full remote work, and many of the customer support staff who have been hired are working from home to inquire about products from customers.

If you can prepare a place where it is quiet to some extent, where you can’t hear anything other than work, and where your computer and internet connection is secured, you can relatively shift to remote work.

However, customer support often has fixed working hours, so remote work is possible, but unfortunately, it may not be compatible with telework.

Operation work

It can be said that occupations that mainly involve routine operations are also compatible with remote work. Since two things, a communication environment and a personal computer, are mainly required, it is easy to set up the environment in the same way as customer support.

Since the results are easy to understand based on the number of cases processed, it is easy to evaluate the work even in a remote work environment.

Operation work can also be supported by telework. Although it is difficult for time-bound work, such as “doing △ at XX”, it is possible to work flexibly not only in place but also in time.


Trust, track record, and ability are required, but the results of consultant work are easy to measure, and it is a job that is compatible with remote work. Due to the nature of the job as a consultant, it is not necessary to be a full-time employee at the workplace, so there is no problem as long as it is easy to contact you when you need advice.

A consultant’s work requires behavior tailored to the client. For this reason, it is difficult to do telework all the time, but some consulting work such as analysis work can be said to be compatible with telework.

In addition, it is extremely difficult to hire excellent consultants, and there are quite a few people who are already contracted and working as external advisors or consultants for other companies. Therefore, there is also the advantage that it becomes easier to adopt by introducing remote work and telework and relaxing the restrictions on workplace and time.

Remote work and telework are possible in various occupations!

remote work


Remote work and telework are work styles that are possible in any occupation as long as there are no physical restrictions. There are some conditions, such as the definition of evaluation criteria, how to manage work conditions, security issues, and the need to prepare infrastructure for remote work, but there is no doubt that it will be introduced in many occupations in the future.

Pasona Tech is preparing multiple job offers that allow remote work and telework ahead of future activation. If you are interested in a new way of working, please contact us.

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