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Five Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Best Information Technology

When it comes to information technology, there are many things you should avoid. These include false positives and negatives, misleading statements, and untrue claims. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common ones. You can avoid making these mistakes by being vigilant about the things you buy and use.

False Negatives

False Negatives are just as damaging as false positives. A false negative will lead to blocking or deletion of an email, which could be a real problem. For example, an email protection solution might block emails from a new customer. This is not a good thing, since false positives can cause a false sense of security for the users.

Another common source of false negatives is employee behavior. The ability to monitor and analyze the behavior of employees can help to prevent them from committing crimes. However, false negatives can cause the security team to spend time chasing down irrelevant alerts that might actually be issues. This can lead to angry bosses, which no one wants.

The most effective information technology solutions can also prevent false positives. Identifying and removing false positives can protect organisations from cyberattacks. When the wrong detection tool is used to detect malicious software, the results can lead to an embarrassing data breach.

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