The 10 Common Stereotypes When It Comes to Engineer Best


There are a lot of stereotypical ideas about engineers, and one of them is that they are socially awkward and nerdy. These stereotypical ideas are reinforced by popular TV shows, but engineers are not necessarily ‘geeks’, and they can actually be very introverted.

Engineering is brutal

Engineering is a brutal field. The skills you learn today could become obsolete in a week. If you do not enjoy the challenges, you might want to consider a fallback major. Many Notre Dame students have switched to softer subjects after completing engineering courses. But even if you do like math, engineering is not for everyone.

It requires a high level of logic and problem solving. You will need to be patient and apply common sense. Moreover, you will encounter a tough class curve and overachieving classmates. Then, you’ll need to master time management. In addition, engineering is a challenging field that requires you to have a strong sense of patience.

It’s not boring

Being an engineer isn’t boring. It’s an intellectual job that involves solving problems and thinking. Engineers explore the limits of what is technologically possible. You don’t have to love math, but you do need to be good at it. You’ll also work with others and attend conferences.

You might be feeling bored by your current programming project, but you can easily overcome boredom by approaching it with the right mindset. This will help you regain your enthusiasm for programming. In addition, it will help if you talk to colleagues in different roles to see what they are working on.

Another common misconception about engineers is that they are geeky and socially awkward. This impression is reinforced by popular TV shows. But an engineer can be an introvert as well as an extrovert.

It’s not a ‘geek’

The best engineer is not necessarily the ‘geekiest’. Often, engineers are ‘geeks’, but this does not mean that they lack the ability to think critically and make smart decisions. In fact, many engineers are ‘nerds’ – people outside the mainstream with higher intelligence, but questionable social skills. But their personality, confidence, and connections with the right people in the right circles can make up for their social awkwardness.

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