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What is Engineer Career Advancement? Explanation of career path examples and points to consider when changing jobs

“Tell me an example of a career path for an engineer.”

“I want to know how to advance my career as an engineer.”

“What is the point when changing jobs for career advancement?”

Here, we will explain career path examples for engineers and points to consider when changing jobs. Career paths for engineers are diversifying due to the development of IT technology, so please choose a convincing career path.

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Career paths for engineers are diversifying

Engineer career paths are more diverse than previous career paths. Here, we will explain the career path of engineers along with the differences from the past.

Traditional career paths don’t have many options

In the past, engineers didn’t have many career paths to choose from. It was common for students to start as programmers and progress to system engineers, project leaders, and project managers.

After gaining knowledge and experience in the downstream process as a programmer, you will then be involved in the upstream process as a system engineer. After gaining sufficient experience as a system engineer, the flow is to become a project leader or project manager.

Diversification of career paths due to the development of IT technology

In recent years, however, career paths for engineers have diversified. The reason for this is the development of cutting-edge IT technologies such as AI, IoT, big data, and the cloud, and the number of jobs for engineers has increased.

After gaining experience as a programmer or system engineer, we have realized a career path to a wide variety of occupations, such as becoming an IT specialist, full-stack engineer, or freelance engineer.

There are also career paths to advanced IT human resources such as AI engineers, data scientists, and cloud engineers. Regarding advanced IT human resources, “What is the value of engineers in the future? Explanation of ideas and occupations that increase market value”, so please check it out.

Engineer career path example


As an example of an engineer’s career path, here are some occupations.

What is IT, specialist?

An IT specialist is a person who has been judged to be “Level 3 or higher” bypassing the Information Technology Engineer Examination in one of the six fields defined by the IT Skill Standards (ITSS).

1. System management

2. Security

3. Database

4. Application common platform

5. Network

6. Platform

What is a Project manager?

A project manager is a person who manages the progress of the entire project in IT system development and is responsible for the quality, delivery date, budget, etc. If you’re interested in a career path to project manager, check out this article.

What is an IT consultant?

An IT consultant is a person who provides consultation related to the customer’s business and management from an IT perspective. Compared to system engineers, it is characterized by providing consultation from a more business perspective.

What is a full stack engineer?

A full-stack engineer is a person who can independently develop a company’s IT system for all processes from system design to programming. Also known as multi-engineer, they are often employed by venture companies.

What is an AI engineer?

An AI engineer is an engineer related to AI (artificial intelligence). It is divided into two fields: the programming field, which develops AI, and the analytics field, which analyzes the data AI learns and builds. If you are interested in becoming an AI engineer, please read this article.

data scientist

A data scientist is a person who collects or extracts necessary information from large amounts of data such as big data. In addition, after analyzing the data, we also propose measures for business. If you are interested in becoming a data scientist, check out this article.

cloud engineer

A cloud engineer is someone who designs, builds, and even operates systems on the cloud. If you are interested in cloud engineers, please read this article.

How to advance your career as an engineer


To advance your career as an engineer, it is not enough just to do your daily work. You need to have the knowledge and skills to advance your career. Here are some tips and tricks for advancing your career.

How to make a career plan first?

The first thing you need to do to advance your career is to make a career plan. Decide what career you want to pursue and make a plan to reach that goal.

The path you should take is determined by what you want to do in the future and market trends. Also, decide which career you should aim for based on your current skills, achievements, age, or market trends in the IT industry.

Acquire new knowledge and skills based on your career plan

Once you’ve identified a career you want to pursue and made a plan for it, it’s time to develop the knowledge and skills you need to reach your goals. Depending on the career you want to pursue, you may need to collect information from books, websites, etc.

Pasona Tech holds free seminars and training for career advancement from time to time. If there is a career you should aim for in the contents of the seminar or training, why not take a look at it once?

join the community

Participating in a community is also an effective way to acquire new knowledge and skills that are necessary for career advancement. By participating in the community, you can get the latest information.

Also, there are many people in the community who, like you, want to advance their careers as engineers. By participating in the community, it is also possible to inspire each other with such people.

career advancement changes jobs

Once you have acquired sufficient knowledge and skills, you will change jobs to advance your career. Engineers often advance their careers by changing jobs. Consider changing jobs as a way to advance your career according to your desired career.

Points to consider for career advancement

Many engineers consider changing jobs to advance their careers. Here are some points to consider when making a career change.

Can you develop your ideal career at your new company?

Career advancement The first thing to consider when changing jobs is whether or not you can advance your ideal career at the company you are changing to.

The purpose of career advancement is to advance your ideal career. Collect information about the company you are changing to and thoroughly check whether you can advance your career as you wish.

If it is a major IT company, there are many career advancements of “PG → SE → PL → PM”, which is traditionally considered the royal road. Also, if you are a venture company, there are career paths such as full-stack engineers.

Separate the points to be appealed by age

It is also necessary to change the points that should be appealed according to age. You must be able to clearly explain how hiring you will benefit the new company.

If you are in your 20s, you can say, “Think about your future career plan.” However, if you are in your 30s, you will be required to be If you are in your 40s, you must be “ready to work” and have “management experience.”


In recent years, the career paths of engineers have diversified due to the development of various IT technologies. You don’t necessarily have to aim for a managerial position such as a project manager.

To advance your ideal career, it is important to decide the career you want to aim for, make a solid plan, and acquire knowledge and skills.

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