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Study methods that engineers can practice! What can you do to improve your skills?

In today’s world where new technologies are being developed every day, it is essential to improve your skills to continue working as an engineer. The penetration rate of personal computers, which was around 10% until the late 1990s, reached nearly 80% in 2018, rapidly spreading in about 30 years. Nowadays, it is common to have at least one smartphone per household, and one smartphone or tablet per person. In other words, the skills required of IT engineers are constantly changing.

Here, we will introduce the recommended study methods and skill improvement methods for active engineers.

Why should engineers study?

IT engineers are in a harsh environment called meritocracy. It is difficult to significantly improve your skills just by doing the usual work of the company. To continue to play an active role as an engineer, the continuous study is essential.

Below, we explain in detail why engineers should continue to study their initiative.

because of meritocracy

To be active in a meritocracy industry, you need to study and make effort. Even if you continue to work at the same company, your future annual income will change depending on whether you make continuous efforts. Also, in the case of an engineer who does not study at all and just does his usual work, it is quite possible that he was overtaken by his juniors before he knew it.

Because it’s a rapidly evolving industry

In the IT industry, where new technologies are born one after another, it is unlikely that current knowledge will be useful even one year from now. Therefore, it is necessary to keep an eye on trends through continuous studies, such as “what kind of technology is currently being created” and “what kind of technology is needed”.

If you don’t make an effort, you can’t advance to the next stage

If you stay passive, your growth as an engineer will hit a plateau. If that happens, you’ll end up doing the same job at the same level for years on end, and you’ll lose your chances of promotion, or even a career change.

In addition, to change jobs with favorable conditions such as high annual income and high-ranking occupations, it is necessary to acquire qualifications and a wealth of knowledge obtained by studying them. In other words, it is essential to continue studying diligently every day to work in a comfortable environment that meets your desired conditions, whether you are promoted or changing jobs.

Watch web courses and video sites


If you don’t know what to study, we recommend using web courses or learning videos for engineers that allow you to study when you like.

What kind of knowledge can be obtained from web courses?

Web courses have courses on various programming languages, databases, editors, etc., and you can choose the content that suits your job type and level. For example, in the case of HTML/CSS, a wide range of curricula is prepared, from explanations of the learning environment for beginners to basic grammar, form parts, and animation. You can also

There are also courses on business skills and marketing, so you will be able to acquire a wide range of knowledge as well as technology.

What are the points to note when engineers study web courses?

Advanced and difficult web courses are often for paid members. However, depending on the site, you can study as much as you like for about 1,000 yen per month, so the cost performance is high.

However, in the case of the web course, there is no follow-up if there are any unclear points, so you need to check it yourself.

Aim for qualification

For those who want to advance their career or change jobs in the future, studying for qualifications is recommended.

Acquisition of qualifications recommended for those seeking results and effects

For exams, it is possible to easily grasp the progress of study by purchasing reference books and workbooks to qualify to study for the determined exam range. Also, even if you don’t pass the exam, you can see your level of understanding by self-grading, so it’s perfect for people who tend to skip web courses or who don’t feel motivated unless they get results.

Which qualification is effective for skill improvement?

The qualifications you should choose for qualifications depend on the work you are currently engaged in and your future direction. For example, if you want to become an IT consultant in the future, it is common to study for a project manager, PMP, or IT coordinator for the Information Technology Engineer Examination.

Also, if you have just become an engineer and don’t know right or left, it is efficient to first acquire qualifications such as the basic information engineer exam and IT coordinator, and then learn general IT knowledge.

Try building your environment at home

To become an engineer who can play an active role in the field, it is recommended to build a development environment at home and practice the study method by actually moving your hands.

What are the benefits of hands-on learning?

In the first place, programming is only partial knowledge and technology. Therefore, to play an active role in the field, it is effective to move the hands and perform commands and programming. At that time, by grasping “what kind of environment it is working in”, you can gain experience and knowledge closer to practical work. If you build an environment at home, you can practice programming many times in the environment.

Is hands-on study only for programmers?


The hands-on study method is a study method that we want a wide range of IT engineers to practice, from system engineers to network engineers and infrastructure engineers. In particular, in the case of infrastructure systems, server systems, and network systems that you design and build using your equipment, you cannot develop your technical skills and creativity through web courses and textbooks alone.

Therefore, let’s be conscious of moving your hands anyway.

Participate in study groups and lectures

If you have time on weekends, it is effective to participate in study groups and lectures.

What are the characteristics of study sessions for engineers?

The purpose of study sessions for engineers is to exchange information and improve technical skills, and it is common for engineers who handle the same job and language to gather. Among them, the “Mokumokukai” where engineers can freely program with each other in a loose stance is particularly popular.

Study sessions not only improve skills, but also have the advantage of being able to have conversations with colleagues and build connections, so they are effective in raising motivation as engineers.

What are the characteristics of lectures for engineers?

At lectures for engineers, you can listen to the latest technologies and examples of efforts by famous companies. Here, you can expect to acquire knowledge and increase motivation because you can hear stories from first-class engineers. Also, since there are cases where exchange meetings are held after lectures, there is a possibility that you can get involved with first-class engineers and get unexpected opportunities.



If you want to be active as an engineer in the future, continuous effort is essential. However, you can study at home if you take web courses or acquire qualifications, and if you want to improve your technical skills, you can set up an environment at home and study whenever you like.

Also, if you participate in in-house education, study sessions, and lectures, you will be able to build a network of like-minded people and increase your motivation.

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