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Do you enjoy working as an engineer? Enjoyment practiced by senior engineers

When considering a career change to an engineer, isn’t it a surprisingly important point to ask, “Is the new job fun or not?”

In conclusion, being an engineer is a job where you can easily find pleasure in a wide variety of situations.

Therefore, this time, I would like to explain the “enjoyment of engineering work” that leads to motivation, using easy-to-understand examples.

The joy of being appreciated by customers

Many engineers who perform development, maintenance, and operation for customers tend to feel pleasure in the following customer interactions.

Gratitude for resolving work problems and inconveniences

When a customer introduces a completed system, they say, “I wanted this function!”

Gratitude for the sudden resolution of the problem

In the case of service engineers, field engineers, and security engineers who deal with broken equipment or unauthorized access on site, many people feel joy when their troubled faces brighten up.

Of course, some problems may be caused by defects in our products. However, it is said that there are many cases in which the sincerity of engineers who work hard to deal with problems on-site has gradually changed the angry feelings of customers to gratitude.

The joy of running your programs and systems in society


Development engineers also enjoy seeing their creations being used in society.

Easy-to-understand embedded system engineer

Embedded engineers who are involved in computer systems that run on home appliances and communication devices are a type of job where it is easy to find their work achievements in commercial products and facilities.

For example, if you are involved in a project that allows you to develop software and hardware comprehensively, compared to a system engineer who runs a program in an inconspicuous part such as a general administrative system, it is easier for you to feel that you are contributing to society through your work.

Also, compared to web engineers who create released smartphone apps and websites, I think that embedded system achievements, such as power plants, where there are many projects related to men and women of all ages, are conspicuously easy to understand.

My relatives can see what I do.

One of the great joys of being an engineer is being able to explain my work to my family and children through home appliances, apps, and websites. In particular, in the case of an embedded system engineer for home appliances, while using the product at home, you can say, “Papa came up with the command for this sensor.”

Fun with lots of potential for self-growth

Being an engineer is a profession where you can realize your growth through your daily work. In particular, people who have a strong sense of challenge tend to find enjoyment in their work through self-growth.

The fun of improving skills

It is easy to feel the joy of improving skills during the new employee period when knowledge and confidence increase through many experiences. For example, a new graduate engineer who does programming will be entrusted with detailed design, etc. as a system engineer in 2 to 3 years after joining the company. Also, even with the same programmer, there is a big difference in the number of bugs and speed between new and second-year programmers.

In addition, one of the great attractions of being an engineer is that you can improve your knowledge and skills in the fields you are interested in by studying for qualification exams, online learning, and participating in Mokumoku meetings.

Enjoyment of career advancement

Engineers, who have a wide variety of high-level occupations, also enjoy working hard toward their future goals. There are many high-demand jobs such as IT consultants and data scientists, so young engineers who expect an increase in income will have the advantage of being able to easily set dreams and goals.

In addition, in the world of engineers, where new technologies are constantly emerging, there is also the appeal of being able to build a career in line with the trends of the times. For example, in the case of jobs related to new technologies such as AI and big data, there is also the pleasure of being able to work on trends in the world.

The joy of being a freelancer

Being an engineer who can become an independent freelancer is a job that makes it easy for people who are not very good at working in a company or dealing with people to find a career where they can enjoy their work.

For example, if you can’t find enjoyment in the management and upstream processes of system development, you can become a freelance programmer after experiencing a series of jobs and focus on your favorite programming work.

In this way, an engineer who can open up his work style and career direction is recommended for those who want to eliminate dissatisfaction and anxiety in their work.

The pleasure of going on a long business trip


Some engineers involved in system development in the IT industry find pleasure in long-term business trips to work in unfamiliar lands.

What is an engineer’s long-term business trip like?

The most common long-term business trips for IT engineers are projects that handle a large amount of personal information such as resident registration information that is difficult to manage, and cases where development assets such as sources cannot be taken out. In such circumstances, many engineers gather at the local development base and work together.

In addition, when troubles such as schedule delays occur, or when there are many meetings, it is easy for engineers to go on long business trips.

Enjoy local gourmet food

For engineers who tend to stay in their development bases, eating lunch and dinner is a great pleasure on long business trips. On days when work is finished early, I sometimes go to a local gourmet specialty store with a local engineer.

It is possible to stay at the hotel on weekends when there is no return report, and enjoy sightseeing and gourmet food in the surrounding area. Long-term business trips, where you can stay for a long time through work in cities that are difficult to visit in private, should be a great pleasure for engineers who like traveling and gourmet food.

Interact with more people than in-house development

Long-term business trips, where you work in an environment far away from your hometown, also offer the pleasure of interacting with a much larger number of people than in-house development. For example, if the whole team eats together on the way home from work almost every day, it deepens friendships with colleagues and seniors who have never had the opportunity to talk in the company before.

By interacting with team members from other companies in the break room of the development base, there is a high possibility that engineers will be stimulated to advance their careers. By the way, some of the large-scale projects of major companies employ many foreign programmers. If you actively try to communicate in such an environment, you will be able to easily obtain the actual situation of overseas IT development that cannot be understood only by information on the Internet.


Being an engineer is a job where you can easily find pleasure and a sense of fulfillment when your hard work leads to words of gratitude and achievements from customers. For those who continue to earn qualifications and study steadily for future career advancement, there is a tendency for them to enjoy carving out their paths.

Also, if you are on a long-term business trip for a large-scale project, if you find pleasure in interacting with people and the stimulation that you can get in a different environment, you will be less likely to get tired during the busy season.

In this way, the great appeal of the job of an engineer is that it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways depending on the person.

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