Advance your career and skills! What are the goal setting points for young engineers?

Many people find a job as an engineer but do the same job every day without a clear goal. Goal setting is very important for engineers, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is essential if you want to grow and improve your skills as an engineer in the future.

Here, we will introduce why engineers need to set goals and recommended goals for those who want to change jobs and young engineers.

Why do engineers need to set goals?


It can be said that engineering jobs tend to get stuck in a rut because the goals are not clear compared to sales jobs. Also, since the required skills change from year to year, it is necessary to set clear goals. Here are some reasons why engineers need to set goals.

To lead a proactive engineer life

It is important to do the work given to you, but engineers who do not do anything other than what they are instructed to do will eventually be overtaken by juniors and lose their place. Therefore, engineers need to have an attitude of making efforts and acting toward specific goals.

Also, if you are proactively working toward your goals, you will be able to pave the way for yourself by changing jobs, etc., when you want to further improve your skills and career.

to be objective

When you have a specific goal, you can see your current situation objectively without being overwhelmed by your daily work. Especially in the engineering industry, many people are so busy that they miss opportunities to improve their skills or change jobs, so it is important to calmly analyze the gap between the current situation and goals.

Also, if you can see yourself objectively, it will lead to skill improvement. By specifically understanding your weaknesses, you will be able to make efficiency improvements and countermeasures, and you will be able to continue working as an active engineer for a long time.

to increase income

It’s not limited to engineers, but just doing the work you’re told won’t increase your annual income. There is no problem if you want to receive the minimum salary you need, but as you get older and experience, it is common to want a reasonable salary, and how you can reach that level is common. I have to think. Goal setting will clarify the way to reach it, so you can efficiently increase your annual income.

Goal setting recommended for engineers 1 Challenge the qualification exam

The easiest goal for young engineers to set is to challenge IT qualification exams.

There are many benefits to qualifying exam challenges. You can set clear goals and you can expect great skill improvement.

Advantages of engineers aiming to acquire qualifications

If you set the goal of obtaining a qualification, you can acquire a lot of knowledge by studying for the exam using reference books and workbooks. Since the scope of the exam is limited for each qualification, it can be said that it is more effective than studying randomly.

In addition, since the number of pages in the reference book and the results of self-grading indicate the degree of knowledge acquisition, it is possible to view oneself objectively. If you can achieve your goals (acquire qualifications), you will be able to broaden your scope of practice, and you will be able to participate in tasks and projects that you have not been able to challenge before, which will lead to your career advancement.

Points in choosing an engineer’s qualification

When choosing an IT qualification to set as a goal, make sure to choose one that matches your job type and level. If you are a young person with little knowledge or experience, it is recommended that you take on the challenge of the “IT Passport” or the “Basic Information Technology Engineer Examination” where you can learn the basics of using IT. Also, if you are thinking about changing jobs in the future, you can increase your chances by setting goals for the qualifications that the market is looking for.

Recommended goal setting for engineers 2 Aim for a higher occupation

In the engineering profession, there are high-level occupations that can not be done without abundant knowledge and experience. And by setting specific occupational goals for higher occupations, it is possible to efficiently select skills and qualifications to be acquired.

While you are young, try to think about what kind of jobs are available in the engineering industry and what you can aim for.

Therefore, the recommended positions for setting goals for young engineers are “project manager (PM)” and “IT consultant”.

High-ranking job goal example 1: Project manager

A project manager is a person who manages an entire project such as the development of an IT system. In addition to firmly grasping the client’s request, deciding the system to be developed, necessary personnel, project budget, schedule, etc., it also includes progress management and troubleshooting.

You will be responsible for the project, but it is a job where you can expect to be rewarded and improve your skills.

High-ranking job goal example 2 IT consultant

An IT consultant is a person who listens to clients’ problems and uses IT to solve them. Since it is necessary to formulate IT strategies, select solutions, and define requirements that suit the needs of the client, not only advanced IT knowledge but also thinking ability is required.

Recommended goal setting for engineers 3 Change jobs to a company with favorable conditions


If you are aiming to advance your career as an engineer, it is also recommended that you aim to change jobs to a company where you can expect future potential.

What kind of engineer are you aiming for?

In the world of engineers, people with qualifications, experience, and ability tend to be in higher positions such as project managers. Not all new programmers who joined the company at the same time can become SE → PM. Therefore, it may be more efficient to change jobs than to advance your career at the same company.

Points to note when aiming to change jobs to other companies

When changing jobs, you will be looking for a company that is involved in a job that will lead to career advancement, but most mid-career recruitment jobs are looking for human resources who can work immediately. In other words, if you don’t have the experience and knowledge to handle the work of the type of job, it will be difficult to hire. It is necessary to fully recognize the human resources that the new job seeks and improve the skills for it.

Improve skills other than technology and knowledge

When changing jobs, in addition to skills as an engineer, communication skills, leadership, and cooperativeness are required. If you are aiming to change jobs, it is important to interact with many people while you are young and improve your human skills so that you can contribute to the next company.


Goal setting for engineers is essential for long-term success as an engineer, such as skill improvement and prospects. If you are a young person who has just started working as an engineer and does not know right or left, you can change the “fruit” you get from your daily work and study by setting a goal of qualifying for exams, advanced occupations, or changing jobs in the future. should come.

Also, for those who find it difficult to set their own goals, it is recommended to use an agent with a well-developed personnel training system.

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