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What is the reward of being an engineer? 9 moments that made me feel good about my career

The demand for engineering jobs has been increasing in recent years, and it is popular not only for its prospects but also for its rewarding work. Even if it is worthwhile, the way it feels is different for each person, but in the case of engineers, many people tend to feel a sense of accomplishment and fun.

Here, we introduce nine moments when active engineers find it rewarding.

What are the 9 rewarding things you can get from an engineer’s job?


Even if you say “engineer” in a nutshell, the job content and the rewards of the job differ greatly depending on the industry and occupation you are involved in. However, when I listen to the voices of engineers, I feel that no matter what type of work they do, they find something rewarding and rewarding.

Here, we will introduce 9 moments for each type of job that makes you think, “I’m glad I’m an engineer.”

1. When the system works?

A system engineer (SE)’s main job is to design a system, but it is up to the person to design how to respond to the customer’s request. As a result, there are no set procedures, and not only do things not go according to plan but there are also many difficulties such as changing specifications and working overtime.

However, it is precise because we have gone through these hardships that we can feel such a great sense of accomplishment when the system runs smoothly.

And it can be said that “engineers who create” systems, web, embedded systems, etc., are more likely to find this rewarding.

2. When the customer thanked me?

Most of the clients who come to us are unfamiliar with the system. For this reason, engineers need to be able to understand the needs of customers as much as possible.

I feel a great sense of satisfaction when a customer’s business worries and problems are resolved and they say, “I’m glad I asked!” Also, even if there are no special words, the smiles of customers who are happy to use the system will lead to a sense of accomplishment and motivation as an engineer.

System engineers, service engineers, and IT consultants are more likely to find this rewarding.

3. When you can act as a bridge between the customer and the company

Service engineers and consultants are mostly coordinators before entering system development, and are relied on by both customers and engineers. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that I have difficulties in both sales and engineering.

However, when we can act as a bridge between our customers and our company, we gain a great deal of trust from both parties. Gaining the deep trust of customers and the company will increase your confidence and motivation as an engineer.

4. When the IT system works safely in the network environment

A network (IT infrastructure) is essential to operate the in-house packages sold by sales engineers and the systems created by the development team. For this reason, many of the engineers involved in infrastructure are aware that they are the ones who support the system, which is very rewarding.

Also, in the case of infrastructure engineers, there are many opportunities to be involved in large-scale projects that cannot be handled individually, and you can gain experience that cannot be obtained in other occupations. That said, many people take pride in their work.

5. I feel like I have a job in my hands

Engineers can acquire a lot of knowledge and skills by experiencing many sites and acquiring a job in their hands. Of course, it’s not an easy road, but it can be said that it’s a job where you can easily realize your growth.

In addition, acquiring skills and knowledge will lead to confidence as an engineer and further motivation. This is a great challenge for programmers and network engineers who connect and configure devices.

6. The fun of moving devices

Many application engineers and embedded system engineers find it interesting that devices operate according to the instructions they give. This is rewarding, which is the essence of programming. I often feel that the things I make are like my own children.

In addition, it is easy to get a sense of accomplishment from the point of creating the “real thing” instead of a computer or smartphone application or website.

7. Feeling useful in the world

In the case of system engineers and network engineers, once the delivery is completed, there are few opportunities to touch the delivered product other than operation and maintenance. Because it is available on the market, you can feel the joy of being useful to the world.

Engineers have a strong image of working silently, and it may seem like a lonely profession, but that is not the case. The realization that my work is useful to society makes me feel a strong connection with invisible others.

In addition, being an embedded system engineer makes it easy to explain your work to your family, friends, and acquaintances.

8. When I was given a new job

Young and new engineers seem to find it rewarding when they are entrusted with a new task. When I first joined the company, my main duties were programming and testing, but when I touched on the revision of documents such as design documents, I felt a sense of accomplishment that I had made a step forward as an engineer!

Also, when a new service engineer, who had only been watching the work of seniors until now, was allowed to handle problems at a customer site, he felt a sense of self-growth and skill improvement and was happy that he was trusted by his colleagues. Satisfaction leads to rewarding work.

9. When the knowledge of qualification acquisition and self-study was useful in the field

As an engineer, it is difficult to improve your skills even if you only do your usual work, and it can be said that voluntary study is essential. However, when I can use the knowledge I have acquired through qualifications and online learning in my work, it is a moment when I feel that I am glad I studied.

In addition, deepening your knowledge by acquiring qualifications and studying will not only help you to be active as an active engineer for a long time but also lead to a promotion to a management position and an increase in annual income, which will make you feel more rewarding.

For study methods for engineers, see “Study methods that engineers can practice! How can you develop your abilities? ] will explain in detail. Please check it out too.



The rewards of being an engineer differ depending on the project and the type of job you are involved in. However, it can be said that what most engineers feel is a sense of accomplishment when they can solve a customer’s problem. At that time, if the customer expresses their gratitude that “I’m glad I ordered”, it will lead to increased motivation such as skill improvement.

In addition, depending on the type of job, you can feel rewarding things such as “contributing to society”, “the fun of making things”, and “self-growth”. It’s the perfect job.

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